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National Cadet Corps

Student AdvisorsNational Cadet Corps aims at developing character and comradeship, as well as keenness for service and capacity for leadership in the youth. It provides military training to the youth and builds a ready reserve, which the Armed Forces could easily make use of in times of national emergency. There are a number of incentives that motivates students to become cadets. Besides being an additional merit while seeking to join the forces or taking up other jobs, NCC also motivates cadets to perform to their best by offering scholarships, cash awards, prizes, medals, trophies etc. Apart from service and institutional training, the cadets also participate in other actvities like Community Development, Youth Exchange Programme, Adventure Sports Training. Taking part in NCC Day, Republic day Camp etc. not only gives the students an opprtunity to visit different cities/states of India but also interact with cadets from different parts of the country. NCC activities of the college are guided by Associate NCC Officer, Lt. Bheenw Singh Rathore .
The NCC is open to all regular students of schools and colleges on a voluntary basis. The cadets have no liability for active military service. The Senior Division of Army wing in our college has entry for both boys and girls.

NCC Selection Record's nameDesignation
1.Kamlesh SainiMR.HANUMAN SAINI Army
2.mahesh kumarMR.BAJRANG LALSSc
3.Sachin kumarMR.RAMKUMAR SINGHArmy
4.Rahul kumarMR.RAMKUMAR Army
5.Sandeep kumarMR.VIJAY SINGHArmy
6.Sandeep kumarMR.MANIRAMArmy
7.Sankar DayalMR.NAHAR SINGHArmy
8.Hemraj SainiMR.RAMESHWARArmy
9.Sunil kumarMR.JAGDER SINGHNavy
10.Rajendra PrasadMR.HANUMAN SAINIFireman Army
11.Jogendra singhrMR.RAM SINGHArmy
12.lokendraMR.KALYAN SINGHForest dep.
13.Rakesh kumarMR.GIGARAMITBP
14.Sunil Meena Raj Police
15.pankaj Meena Raj Police
16.Ramavtar ktariaMR.HANUMANA RAMArmy