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Tagore PG College follows a unique and progressive teaching methodology..


  •    We encourage students to think beyond the visible
  •    We stir the power to imagine within our students
  •    We imbibe the urge to do things differently and achieve success


  •    We provide an environment that stimulates the innovative ideas in students
  •    We equip students with the creative aspect required to walk at pace with the world
  •    We promote strategic thinking and constant evolution


  •    We encourage questions
  •    We push students to explore beyond conventions
  •    We prepare the students to face the challenges of tomorrow




For better understanding of the concepts, models and theories of the concerned subject the scheduled lectures act as an integral part of the teaching methodology. The faculty members design their lecture delivery schedule with a special focus on incorporating the most relevant content for the budding managers on diversified areas as per the advanced and exhaustive curriculum to cater to the contemporary issues and challenges of the exponentially dynamic corporate world. Lectures are optimally supported by presentations, case studies, management games, business games, business plans, financial modeling, quizzes, workshops, seminars, conferences, and colloquiums. Lectures are customized according to the intellectual orientation and competence of the batch so as to optimize the learning process and maximize the teaching efficiency. The lectures aim at imbibing all the relevant human, conceptual and technical skills which are an important pre-requisite for the budding managers of the digital era. 



Case Studies act as an integrated, important and indispensable part of the curriculum at Tagore Pg College. The students participate whole heartedly in all the three processes of development of case studies, analyzing case studies, and solving case studies by applying the concepts and ideas of management. This facilitates the holistic learning process in the area of management and is in line with the internationally accepted teaching tool in the area of management education. Many international research findings have positively recommended the case study method as an important methodology in management education. The case study method of teaching at Tagore Pg College provides our students the analytical orientation to handle the real life scenario with higher degree of comfort. All students participate in the case study development, discussion and solution process individually as well as in groups which also facilitate the learning and decision making while working in teams with enhanced team spirit. The focus of all faculty members is to train the management participants with the help of real life case studies and give them hypothetical problems and possible plausible/feasible alternatives/solutions. 

Projects & Assignments

Projects are compulsory and indispensable part of the curriculum at Tagore Pg College. All students are compulsorily required to undertake Research Projects/ Live Projects and prepare the dissertations according to their curriculum. The Summer Internship Project of eight week duration wherein a student is required to undergo practical training in a corporate house or may undertake a research project under the guidance of a faculty member. At Tagore Pg College the faculty acts as a mentor not only for the project or assignments but also for the student throughout his presence at the institute, he plays a pivotal role and a supporting guide to the research while the external guide from the industry make him work as per the changing business environment. 

Seminars & Workshops


The Seminars and workshops on different contemporary themes in accordance with the latest trends at global and the national level at Tagore Pg College make it markedly different as they focus on the areas of crucial and strategic importance and focus on providing the students the special edge over their colleagues. The academic events including conferences, seminars, and workshops aim at dissemination of thoughts, views, ideas and opinions of the leading doyens from industry, academia and other luminaries from their specialized domain area. This acts as a strong blending exercise of industry and academia thereby giving a catalytic boost to the process of knowledge integration. Various workshops have been organized with different focus areas including personality development, business communication, business etiquettes, Interview skills, Resume writing and many others. The events provide a common platform to practitioners/Industry doyens, Academicians, Researchers, students and various others to come to a common platform to discuss /exchange ideas on contemporary themes of management. Thus, these events act as a path braking methodology to imbibe the desired skills optimally blended with the fire and the passion to excel par excellence in the real life corporate world. 

International Linkages

Tagore Pg College seeks to build partnerships with institutions of higher learning including leading business schools across the globe, and also gives its students exposure to the world beyond the campus. In this regard, Tagore Pg College Institute has academic tie-up with two foreign universities: 
1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
2. University of Auckland, New Zealand 
This encourages students to go overseas and immerse themselves in other cultures, learning environments and to expand their horizons. During their visit at the universities, students get exposure and training in cross cultural management. Each participating student is awarded a certificate for 3 days workshop to complement their profile. 

Industry Interface 

Tagore Pg College enjoys a distinct advantage in the involvement of industry in shaping the academic content of the courses offered for students. This ensures that the end product i.e. the students are well equipped to meet the expectations of the corporate world, and the fast changing business environment.
The curriculum revision committee consists of the faculty members, leading academicians from the other reputed and leading institutions and representatives from the corporate world. The committee meets every quarter to review the dynamics of change in the needs of the industry and recommends the necessary changes in the curriculum. 

Guest Speakers 

Special lectures industrial/academic by various eminent speakers are emphasized at Tagore Pg College to provide the latest update directly from the doyens of management